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Coronavirus Service Update

Status Definitions

Status Status

Last Updated: 21 January 2021
Audiology Ongoing
Clacton Hospital Beds Ongoing
Clacton Urgent Treatment Centre Ongoing
DEXA Ongoing
Harwich Minor Injury Unit Ongoing
IRAS Ongoing
OPAT Ongoing
Ophthalmology Ongoing
Ultrasound Ongoing
Community Nursing Extensive
COPD/Home Oxygen Service Extensive
Leg Ulcer Clinics Extensive
Tissue Viability Extensive
Community Rehab Extensive
Adult Speech and Language Restricted
Community Cardiology Restricted
Dietetics Restricted
Lymphoedema Restricted
Musculoskeletal Restricted
Orthotics Restricted
Paediatric Dietetics Restricted
Paediatric Occupational Therapy Restricted
Paediatric Physiotherapy Restricted
Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy Restricted
Pain Management Restricted
Physiotherapy Outpatients Restricted
Podiatry Restricted
Specialist Continence Nurse Restricted
Spinal Assessments Restricted
Strength and Balance Restricted
Stroke Rehabilitation Restricted
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Suspended
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