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Welcome to Speech and Language Therapy

A Speech and Language Therapist can help you to:

  • Improve your social skills
  • Learn basic rules for communicating such as eye contact and turn taking
  • Eat and drink safely
  • Understand and use signs, symbols and speech


 A Speech and Language Therapist can also:

  • Assess your communication needs and work with you to improve as much as possible
  • Teach carers new communication skills
  • Talk to people involved in your life

A speech and language therapist will see you on your own or in a group.

Where is the Service provided?

Appointments are held at Spinks Lane Centre in Witham, or at a local venue which is convenient for you or at your home.    

Spinks Lane Therapy Centre
Spinks Lane
CM8 1EP                               Click here to view map

How to access the Service

If someone needs support from this Specialist Learning Disability team a referral form can be requested from

All referrals will be reviewed by a Learning Disability specialist. 

We will contact the referrer and service user if we are able to support them or we will guide them to other services which may be able to meet the needs more appropriately.

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