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Paediatric Speech & Language Therapy

Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language therapy services are available for children with a North East Essex GP who are aged 3 to 7 years and for children with health needs outside this age range

We work in partnership with parents, carers and other professionals to promote positive outcomes for children who are referred to the service with communication or physical eating and drinking needs.

Services we provide:  

Individual and group therapy sessions

Verbal and written advice

Provision of resources

Close liaison with other services including schools and nurseries

Training to junior and secondary schools and to children’s centres

We work with children with the following difficulties:
- Eating and Drinking
- Attention and Listening

    - Speech sound difficulties

    - Using and understanding words and sentences

    - Dysfluency/stammering

    - Voice disorders (eg persistent hoarse voice)

    - Selective Mutism/ anxiety about talking

    We also help with and/or provide information on the following:

    - Before Talking

    - Other ways of Communicating
    - Play
    - Speaking in more than one language
    - Talking for under 3 year olds
    - Useful websites

Where the service is provided:

Clinics in Colchester, Clacton, Dovercourt and Greenstead.    

Mainstream schools, special schools and specialist units.


When the service operates: 

9-5 Monday to Friday excluding Bank holidays


How to access the service: 

Electronic referral via our Gateway website by professionals such as school staff, GPs, Paediatricians, Health visitors, HIS nurses.

Click the box below to access the Gateway.

Click here to access a copy of the referral form.        

ACE Speech and Language Therapists aim for the children of North East Essex to be able to communicate to their optimum ability.

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