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Equality in Employment

ACE Principles

The following principles guide our equality and diversity work:

·          We value diversity highly. We recognise that different people bring different perspectives, ideas, opinions, histories, knowledge and culture and that this difference brings great strength.

·          We do not discriminate based on a person's age; disability; family circumstance; gender; political opinion; race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin; religion or belief; sexual orientation; socio-economic background, trade union membership or other distinctions.

Equality Statement

Anglian Community Enterprise Community Interest Company (ACE) is fully committed to supporting the principle and practice of equality of opportunity. 

No patient, volunteer, job applicant or employee should receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of age, gender, parental or marital status, colour, race, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, disability, or sexual preference, or should be disadvantaged by conditions or requirements that cannot be shown to be relevant to performance.

ACE is also committed to promoting equal access to all the services it provides, by identifying potential barriers to involvement, and implementing best practice policies and procedures to overcome such barriers.

Annual Workforce Race Equality Standard

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Workforce Race Equality Standard Action Plan 2017

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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

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