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What is a social enterprise

A social enterprise is a business whose objectives are primarily social, and whose profits are reinvested back into its services or the community. With no financial commitments to shareholders or owners, social enterprises are free to use their surplus income to invest in their operations to make them as efficient and effective as possible.

Social enterprises are distinctive from traditional charities or voluntary organisations in that they generate the majority, if not all, of their income through the trading of goods or services rather than through donations. This gives them a degree of self-reliance and independence which puts them firmly in control of their own activities. 


Why a Social Enterprise?

As a Social Enterprise our vision is: 

"To be the leader in the communities that we serve, providing innovation, quality and value for money, as we deliver healthcare services that are accessible to all" 

As we continue to develop as a social enterprise we continue to: 


·         Maintain NHS values and abide by the NHS Constitution. 

·         Deliver high quality services to patients. 

·         Engage and involve the community and key stakeholders. 

·         Empower staff to innovate to enable cost effective service delivery. 

·         Build on and celebrate staff innovation. 

·         Empower staff not only by their involvement in decision making but by ensuring managers have autonomy to make decisions within their own localities. 

·         Use the flexibility as an independent organisation to access funding from a range of sources. 

·         Develop partnerships with a range of organisations, for example NHS bodies, voluntary and community groups, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, private business, other social enterprises and third sector organisations.