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Our Service is provided by a team of skilled and experienced HCPC registered Physiotherapists, supported by trained Associate and Assistant Practitioners. The service is available for adults over 16 years of age across North East Essex, working within clinics in Colchester and Tendring. We work closely with specialist services such as MSK, Spinal, Orthotics, Podiatry and Pain Management. We provide specialist Physiotherapy within the areas of Women’s and Men’s Health, Hydrotherapy and Hand Therapy.

Musculoskeletal (bone, joint, muscle and soft tissue) conditions are extremely common and can often be successfully managed with Physiotherapy. Physiotherapists will encourage the self-management of these conditions as well as promoting health and well-being with the aim to improve quality of life and performance of activities.

Each patient will have an assessment where personalised goals will be set and a variety of approaches for treatment can be considered.

Physiotherapy will aim to:

  • Provide education and information about specific conditions
  • Relieve prevent and manage pain/physical impairments
  • Improve muscle strength and mobility
  • Improve basic functions such as standing and walking
  • Rehabilitate gait and mobility
  • Provide rehabilitation post operatively
  • Provide rehabilitation post trauma
  • Manage the symptoms of soft tissue and joint injuries
  • Signposting to external agencies for further support