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Motor Skills

A motor skill is an action that involves the movement of the muscles in the body. They are often split into two categories:  

           - Gross Motor Skills

           - Fine Motor Skills

Motor skills usually develop together as many activities/tasks require the coordination of both fine and gross motor skills. Sensory Processing skills (vision, touch, taste, smell auditory, vestibular, proprioception) are also an important part in the development of a child’s motor skills. As a child becomes more practiced in a particular motor skill, they develop the ability to isolate specific muscles needed so that the sequence of movements required becomes more controlled.

Core Stability is also an essential part to motor skill development. Core stability describes the ability to control the position and movement of central part of our body (our trunk). It is essential in creating a solid base of support to enable us to move our arms and legs in a coordinated manner.

It is through opportunity and experience that a child’s gross and fine motor skills develop. An opportunity to explore enables a child to develop their body awareness, muscle strength and motor planning and enables them to move successfully within their surroundings.