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Regional Quarter-Finals 25th March 2017


Regional Quarter-Finals 25/3/17

H4L See Semis!



Healthy 4 Life 11 a-side Squad:

Michael Repton

Craig Organ

Simon Repton

Greg Lark

Tom Nicks (c)

Johnny Ashmore

Zack Butterworth

Jack Martin

Tom James

Alex Green

Dan Hinson

Michael McPhee

Tony Tully

Fred Pennick

Harry Walden

Robbie Ratcliffe

Originally H4L had missed out on this tournament on goal difference by one back in November, but one of the two teams that had had gone through in the previous round had pulled out which was how H4L got their place. The tournament took place in Southend, coach Adam Moore was unable to attend but had given the squad his best wishes and told them that he believed they could make it to the semis. H4L's opponents were Milton Keynes Dons, Cheshunt and East Hertfordshire, and Maidstone United. Two of the four teams taking part would go through. The games were 25 minutes straight.


MK Dons                       0-2

This was the first fixture in the tournament. When the game kicked one of the referees still hadn't arrived, so there was no off-side rule in place. H4L missed several chances to open the scoring, and MK Dons took the lead, adding a second to it later on. Unfortunately the team performance had been poor and Adam was on the phone to the squad telling the players what to do in their positions.

Cheshunt and East Herts      2-1                                 Fred, Greg

This was the third fixture in the tournament. H4L studied Cheshunt who beat Maidstone 3-2 in a very close game the fixture before to try and identify strengths and weaknesses. There was a possibility that H4L might have an advantage in this game as Cheshunt were playing back to back fixtures whilst H4L had had a 30 min break. H4L put on a much better team performance and took the lead when a save made by the Cheshunt keeper had been played out to Fred, who fired it into the back of the net. It wasn't long until Cheshunt equalised though but H4L continued on, determined to find a winner. The winner came when Fred got fouled and H4L won a direct free kick. Although it was quite far out it was taken by Greg, who has a very powerful shot and good record with free kicks. Greg's shot sent it into the top right corner, restoring H4L's lead. Back ahead again H4L kept looking to increase their lead though, to try and improve their goal difference but in the end were unable to find any more goals.

Maidstone Utd                      2-1                                 Fred, Robbie

This was the fifth fixture in the tournament. Maidstone, who had lost to Cheshunt in the second fixture, went 1-0 up against MK Dons but had ended up losing 3-1 in the fourth fixture. Again H4L had had a 30 min break whilst Maidstone were playing back to back fixtures. Maidstone took the lead early on which put H4L under a lot of pressure. H4L ended up facing a long hard fight and eventually Tully set up Fred, who scored the equaliser. Now level, H4L desperately looked for a winner, to boost their chances of going through and late on Tully set up Robbie who gave H4L the lead.

With all their games played, H4L had 6 points and a goal difference of 0. There was still one more fixture to be played, which was between MK Dons and Cheshunt. Looking at the statistics of the teams, Cheshunt had 3 points and a goal difference of 0. This made it clear that for H4L to go through, MK Dons must not lose as if they did H4L would miss out on goal difference again. As a result of this, H4L cheered on the MK Dons and it ended with them beating Cheshunt 2-0. Although it wasn't announced which teams had gone through, it was clear H4L had and the semi-finals will be played in Hampshire on May 13th. The final will be played on the same day.