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Essex Soccability League October 2016

Essex Soccability League October 2016

Tully Hat-Trick!

Clacton H4L A Squad:

Kyle Thompson (GK)

Greg Lark

Tom Nicks (c)

Harry Walden

Alex Green

Tony Tully

Robbie Ratcliffe

Clacton had won all five of their games in the opening tournament, but today won three and lost two. One victory was an automatic one against Porters who weren't attending. This was a bonus for Clacton as they had no subs and Harry and Robbie were both carrying injuries. The games were 12 minutes straight.


Porters                                    Automatic                    Not Attending

As Porters weren't attending the tournament, all the teams that were attending were automatically credited with 3 points against them.

Chelmsford Mencap                       4-1                        Harry, Tully x3

Clacton came from 1-0 down to win 4-1 in September. It was the same score line today, with the goals just coming in a different order. Clacton dominated the game and Harry soon opened the scoring. Tully then scored two to make it 3-0, before Chelmsford pulled one back to make it 3-1. However soon after that Tully completed his hat-trick.

Colchester Healthy 4 Life              2-3                        Tully, Own goal

Clacton beat Colchester 5-0 in September, but Colchester had been missing a key player. Clacton got off to a good start but ended up going 3-0 down, with the third goal from very poor defending. By the time the third goal had been conceded it didn't look like there was any chance but Clacton fought hard and Tully pulled one back, with an own goal coming shortly after. The own goal came when the Colchester keeper made a save but ball rebounding back in off a defender. It was too little too late for Clacton though and they encountered their first defeat of the season.

Colchester Disability 4 Sport                   2-0                                 Tully x2

In September Kyle and Robbie missed the game and Reece was summoned from the Witham H4L A to be Clacton's emergency goalkeeper. Clacton still won 1-0 with one player less though. Today everyone was still there and Tully scored a brace to keep Clacton's 100% record against D4S going.

Colchester Deaf                                         0-2

In September the score was the other way round although CD had won all their other games with clean sheets. CD lost their first game today to D4S, and came from 2-0 down to beat Col H4L 3-2. Clacton had to play this game straight after they played D4S though whilst CD had had some rest. This also wasn't easy with Harry and Robbie both injured from the start of the tournament and having to play every minute of every game. CD's second goal came from a free kick. Clacton tried hard find the net in a fairly evenly balanced game but ended up losing.