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Essex Soccability League February 2016


Greg Grabs The Winner!

Clacton H4L A Squad:

Craig Organ
Alex Seymour
Tom Nicks
Tony Tully
Harry Walden
Reece Bolton
Greg Lark (c)

In the previous tournament Clacton had several absentees and were a man down so had to borrow Fred Pennick from Colchester H4L for some of their games. Tully was able to make this tournament though and Alex Seymour was back from injury but this time Stefano Carnevale, Kyle Thompson and Robbie Ratcliffe were all absent. Kyle's absence was a serious issue, as he is Clacton's first choice goalkeeper, but luckily he announced it several days before and so Carolyn asked Craig Organ to play for the team. Craig played for Clacton last February and was given a lot of gratitude by the rest of the squad, because if he hadn't come Harry would have been the goalkeeper and Clacton would have been a man down. Everyone had a good game although Craig didn't have much work to do and Greg switched from defence to attack, scoring all of Clacton's goals.



Cerebral Palsy Disability 4 Sport                      3-0                              Not Attending

CP D4S didn't attend the December tournament and weren't attending this one either. It was probably an automatic 3-0 victory, as that's what the attending teams are usually credited with when a team doesn't attend.

Porters A                                                                  0-0

In December Clacton thrashed Porters 4-0. Clacton pressed hard for a goal, but neither side found the net so the game ended goalless.

Colchester Healthy 4 Life A                                           1-0                              Greg

When Clacton played Col H4L in December it ended 0-1, which was Clacton's first and still only defeat of the season. Both teams fought very hard and it looked like this game was also going to end goalless but fortunately Greg, having a trial upfront managed to find a late winner, scoring his first goal of the season.

Colchester Disability 4 Sport                                        2-1                              Greg x2

Col D4S started this game having lost their other 2 fixtures. Despite the defeats they broke the deadlock early on and Clacton found themselves behind. However, knowing there was still at least 10 minutes left on the clock, Clacton kept their heads up and a few minutes later Greg equalised for Clacton. Once they were back on level terms, Clacton's confidence rose as they were under less pressure and so soon after equalising Greg found a winner.