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Harry's Match Report - November 2015


Essex Soccability League November 2015

Goal Drought in the Rain!

Clacton H4L A Squad:

Kyle Thompson
Alex Seymour
Greg Lark
Tom Nicks
Harry Walden
Tony Tully
Robbie Ratcliffe
Reece Bolton

There was heavy rain and only 6 goals scored throughout all the Premier League fixtures in this tournament, 3 of which were scored by Clacton. Clacton came out top again and increased their unbeaten run to 12 games.

Match Reports

Cerebral Palsy Disability 4 Sport                  1-0                   Reece

CP D4S made a surprise in the tournament by coming out 3rd. They achieved their first win of the season and scored their first goal. Clacton still managed to beat them though, but this time only by 1 goal.

Colchester Healthy 4 Life                              1-0                   Tully

Colchester H4L had a very poor tournament last month, but improved a lot in this tournament, coming out 2nd in the tournament.

Colchester Disability 4 Sport            A                      1-0                   Robbie

Colchester D4S did well last month, coming out 2nd but were a shock this time. They came out bottom.

Porters A                                                        0-0

Porters came out 2nd from bottom this time and all though they didn't win and games, they still managed 3 no-score draws. Tom took over from Kyle in goal for this game but didn't have much work to do, as Clacton dominated most of the possession.