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Harry's Match Report - September 2015


Essex Soccability League September 2015

Tom Nicks It For Clacton!

Clacton H4L A Squad:

Kyle Thompson

Greg Lark (c)

Alex Seymour

Ronnie Holloway

Tony Tully

Harry Walden

Tom Nicks

Jordan Ovenden

Clacton won the title for the 3rd time in 4 seasons last season, but super striker Robbie Ratcliffe had been forced to retire through injury. Midfielder Stef Carnevale couldn't make the tournament and Greg hadn't fully recovered from injury. However, Tony Tully had joined H4L from Tendring Mental Health in the summer. "Tully", by which he is known, was Tendring's star player last season, and Tendring the runners-up in the league, though Tendring weren't participating in the league this season. Alex, who hadn't played for Clacton for over 2 years, had also come back to Clacton from Colchester and partnered Greg in defence as Tom had been moved up to midfield. Ronnie had also been moved from Clacton B and so as Clacton had 1 sub, substitutions were made in games by coach Adam, and players moved around. Players were still allowed to come back on after going off and the games 15 minutes straight.

Clacton only managed to score 3 goals, but there were only 10 goals scored throughout the entire tournament and Clacton were the only team to concede none, keeping clean sheets in all their games. Clacton nearly only came out 3rd in the tournament, but a late goal by Tom in their final game brought them out top. All of the Clacton squad put out impressive performances.

There is also still question over who is to replace Robbie up front. Tully prefers midfield, Stef prefers to assist goals, until today Tom played all his games in defence, and whilst Harry and Jordan have had careers as strikers in the past, they haven't played up front for a long time.




Match Reports

Cerebral Palsy Disability 4 Sport         2-0                  Tully x2

CP are a new team in the league this season. Tully made a fantastic debut as it wasn't long until he gave Clacton the lead and doubled it soon after.

Colchester Healthy 4 Life A                   0-0

There was a possibility that Clacton might have an advantage in this game as Colchester had played in the previous fixture. However, there wasn't really much difference between the teams. Ronnie got injured in the game and so there were no subs for the remaining two fixtures.

Porters A                                         0-0

This game also kicked off with Porters having played in the previous fixture. Clacton were the more threatening side but neither side found the net. Alex also picked up an injury but was still able to continue.

Colchester Disability 4 Sport A            1-0                  Tom

Clacton had a 30 minute break from the fixture list and Alex managed to shake off his injury. From how the results of other fixtures had turned out, it was clear that victory was vital for Clacton in this game or they wouldn't get off to a very good start. Harry had a shot from the left and Tully hit the crossbar, but it looked set be a hat-trick of no score draws for Clacton. However, Clacton won a late corner. Jordan swung it in from the right and a header from Greg was parried by the keeper. The ball fell to Tom, who poked it over the line from close range.