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Supplier Information

Supplier - Invoicing Instructions


Please ensure that your invoice incorporates the following:-

- Invoices should be made out to Anglian Community Enterprise  (ACE) CIC

- A purchase order number  and/or the name of the person who placed the order

- A narrative to identify the goods and/or service

- Your name, address and contact details (email and/or telephone no.)

- Bank account details (Account Name, Sort Code and Account Number.)

NOTE ACE no longer issue cheques.

Submitting Invoices

Our preferred method for submitting invoices is electronic, as this shortens processing time and reduces delays.

By email

Send to apinvoices.ace.asp@serco.com

Note that this address only accepts invoices and only takes one invoice attachment per email. (If more are sent, they will disregard it as it is an automated service.) 
Please continue to send any other paperwork to the destination you usually use.


By post

If you prefer to submit your invoices by post please use the following postal address.

Anglian Community Enterprise (ACE) CIC
C/o Serco ASP Financial Services
PO BOX 7810
NN17 9HF


Querying invoices

Any queries should be directed to Serco via email apqueries.ace.asp@serco.com or telephone 0844 894 0143.


“When are payments made?”

All of our payments are made by BACS and our payment runs are on Tuesday and Thursday.

How do I get copy remittances?”

Contact Serco and give them your remittance address.

“How do I get them to change my bank account details?”

Contact Serco and they will provide the forms that you will need to notify them.

“I am a new supplier, what do I need to do?”

Contact Serco to set up an account.