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Essex Soccability League May 2015


Clacton H4L A Squad:

Kyle Thompson
Greg Lark
Harry Walden
Jordan Ovenden
Robbie Ratcliffe

Clacton ended up coming second from bottom in this tournament after coming first and second in all the previous tournaments this season. However, they were missing some players and also were only one point off top spot. Goalkeeper Kyle injured himself during the tournament, which turned out to be a broken wrist later on.

Match Reports

Colchester H4L A                   2-0                   Robbie, Harry

It had ended up goalless in April, and Colchester were also missing some players. Colchester nearly took the lead, but a vital save by Kyle prevented the ball from fully crossing the line. Robbie then took the lead for Clacton, with Harry getting a second to seal the victory soon after.

Porters A                                1-2                   Robbie

Clacton were unbeaten against Porters this season, drawing the game in November and winning the rest. In April Clacton had borrowed a player from Porters B to help squad numbers but had decided against it this time round. However, they were unable to stop Porters coach Nigel from selecting 2 players from his squad to join Clacton A to make it 7v7. Clacton opened the scoring but towards the end of the game Porters equalised and found a late winner. This seriously angered Clacton as they never wanted the players from Porters.

Disability 4 Sport A               2-1                   Robbie x2

After losing to Porters Clacton refused to let the Porters players play for them again. This did mean that they would have a squad disadvantage and the referee did check with them that they were happy to play that way, and they were. Sure enough though, they then fell behind to 7 man D4S. However, in less than a minute Robbie had found an equaliser for Clacton. Later on Robbie found a second to turn Clacton from being 1-0 down to going 2-1 up. Clacton were delighted with the result, as D4S had 2 players more than them.

Tendring Mental Health                   1-3                   Greg

Tendring had put on a disastrous performance in April, coming out bottom with a 0-0 draw against Clacton. However, this time it was a lot different. Tendring came out top in the tournament and soon took the lead against Clacton. It wasn't long before Clacton were losing 3-0. Greg scored a late consolation for Clacton.