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Essex Soccability League April 2015




            Harry              Greg

           Martin             Stef



Clacton H4L A Squad:

Kyle Thompson

Greg Lark

Harry Walden

Stef Carnevale

Martin (loaned from Porters B)

Robbie Ratcliffe

Clacton had come out top in the March tournament and were 5 points clear at the top of the table with a massive goal difference. However, they were under a lot of pressure in this one due to who they had in their squad. Tom Nicks was unable to make this tournament, forcing Harry to play alongside Greg in defence, Jordan Ovenden was on holiday and Dave Ashmore failed to turn up. Because of this, Clacton ended up loaning a player from Porters B called Martin. Despite the pressure, other results went their way causing them to come out 2nd in the tournament which extended their lead to 6 points. Stef was Clacton's star player for the tournament, making some very important tackles.

Match Reports


Porters A                                2-0                   Robbie x2

With Stef unable to make the tournament on time, this game kicked off with 2 players from Porters B in the Clacton A starting line-up. Once Stef arrived one of them was substituted for Stef. Robbie found the net twice and Kyle made some important saves, getting Clacton off to a good start. This win turned out to be vital, as Clacton failed to score in all the remainder of their games.

Colchester H4L A                 0-0                  

Clacton lost 1-0 to Colchester in the March tournament, and Harry spent the game marking Colchester's main goal scorer. It ended up goalless, but Clacton were happy with a draw.

Tendring Mental Health     0-0

Clacton are desperate to win the title back from their bitter rivals, who have dropped in form recently. With Tendring having lost their first two games in the tournament, Clacton knew a draw would be enough to see them come out better than Tendring in the tournament. Again it finished as a no-score draw but of course Clacton were more than happy with the result. Tendring ended up coming out bottom in the tournament, failing to score in all their games.

Disability 4 Sport                  0-1

Until today Clacton were unbeaten against D4S. For the majority of the game it was looking like they were heading for a third goalless draw, but towards the end of the game D4S managed to find a winner. Harry was moved from centre back to centre forward in the hope that his height would receive a long ball and he would manage to find an equaliser for Clacton. D4S won all their games with clean sheets, and at the end of the tournament it turned out that this result had no effect to how Clacton finished in the tournament, as if Clacton had won this game they would have still come 2nd and D4S would have still come out top.