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Essex Soccability League February 2015

Clacton H4L A Squad:

Craig Organ

Greg Lark

Tom Nicks

Harry Walden

Stef Carnevale

Robbie Ratcliffe

At the start of the tournament things weren't looking good for Clacton. With goalkeeper Kyle Thompson absent through injury, it was looking like Harry was going to have to wear the number 1 shirt. However, Carolyn managed to find experienced goalkeeper Craig at the last minute to ease the pressure off the team a bit. The team played well together, with Tom Nicks as the star player. The games were 15 minutes straight, no slide tackling was allowed and all the free kicks were indirect.

Match Reports


Porters A                                           1-0                  Robbie

Clacton had beaten Porters 3-1 in the previous tournament, but Porters are certainly not a weak side. After Robbie had found the net Clacton looked for more goals but were unable to increase their lead. Good defensive work from Tom and Greg also prevented Porters from equalising and goalkeeper Craig wasn't troubled.

Colchester H4L A                           1-0                  Tom

Clacton had won 2-0 in the previous tournament but it was thought that the Colchester game was going to be very tough. However Clacton were the more attacking threat and Tom put Clacton ahead by tapping in the rebound after Robbie's shot had been blocked by the Colchester keeper. Colchester tried to level but the majority of their attempts were off target.

Tendring Mental Health              1-1                  Harry

Tendring are Clacton's arch rivals. After the first two tournaments both teams were level on points at the top of the table, with Clacton above them by 3 goals. Tendring didn't attend the last tournament though, and Clacton took full advantage of that by coming out top of the previous tournament to get maximum points. For the first 7 minutes or so Clacton were all over Tendring, constantly threatening to take the lead but in the end it was Tendring who opened the scoring. However, seeing the goalkeeper roll the ball out to a defender, Harry instantly ran up to take the loose ball and put it in the goal to snatch a late equaliser for Clacton.

Disability 4 Sport                            1-1                  Robbie

D4S are another team that didn't attend the last tournament. Until this tournament Clacton had a 100% record over them. Once Robbie had opened the scoring for Clacton it was looking like it would be a 1-0 victory for Clacton, but a defensive error allowed D4S to equalise. Greg failed to clear a back pass and with Craig off his line a D4S player won the ball and managed to score from a tight angle. With about 3 minutes left, Clacton did everything they could to try and retake the lead but were unable to find a winner.