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Essex Soccability League December 2014

Clacton H4L A Squad:

Kyle Thompson

Greg Lark

Tom Nicks

Harry Walden

Sam Chambers

Robbie Ratcliffe (c)

Clacton were currently top of the table, level with Tendring Mental Health on 14 points but above them by 3 goals. However, neither Tendring or Disability 4 Sport were attending this tournament and so Clacton wanted to take full advantage of this and go top of the table on points. On the journey to Maldon it was starting to look like it might be a difficult task. Stefano Carnevale and Jordan Ovenden had already announced that they couldn't make it, Dave Ashmore failed to show at the Colchester pick-up, and goalkeeper Kyle failed to show at the Witham pick-up. Robbie was making his own way there and thankfully when the coach arrived it was discovered that Kyle had also made his own way there. Sam was making his debut for Clacton and as it was decided to start him off upfront. He scored a goal against Porters.

Although Clacton thought it might be hard to take the advantage, they knew it was possible and they did take it with an outstanding performance from all the players, with no anger at all between them during the tournament. With only 3 teams playing, the games we 30 minutes long and of 2 halves. Slide tackling and goal kicks were banned, and all free kicks were indirect.

Match Reports


Colchester H4L A                2-0                  Robbie x2

Clacton had lost 0-1 to Colchester in the previous tournament, although that goal had been scored by Dave Ashmore, who had to be moved to the Colchester team in that tournament as they didn't have enough players. Although he wasn't playing for Clacton in this tournament he wasn't playing for Colchester either, who were also without their first choice goalkeeper. It didn't take too long for Robbie to find the net though, and also doubled the lead soon after to give Clacton a 2 goal lead at half time. Clacton tried to extend their lead in the second half though just as Colchester desperately tried to reduce it, but there were no more goals.

Porters A                               3-1                  Robbie x2, Sam

Porters had improved a lot since the side made their league debut back in October, when Clacton beat them 5-0. They held Clacton to a 1-1 draw in November and in this tournament they nearly beat Colchester 1-0, scoring early on but Colchester only managing to score a very late equaliser. Porters' goalkeeper was very strong and it took Clacton quite a while for Robbie to open the scoring for Clacton, giving them a 1-0 lead at half time. However, with 15 minutes still to play, Clacton were desperate to increase their lead and boost their chances of winning. Robbie doubled the lead but with 5 minutes remaining Porters scored, to change the score line to 2-1. Although 5 minutes isn't a huge amount of time, Clacton were suddenly under a lot of pressure as it was still enough for Porters to equalise or maybe even take the lead. About 1 minute after conceding though Clacton won a corner. Robbie crossed the ball in with a huge tangle of bodies around the goal. Eventually the tangle caused the ball to fall for Sam who volleyed it in just outside of the goal, restoring the 2 goal lead. At the end of the game Clacton credited the Porters goalkeeper for his performance.