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GP Surgeries (Alternative Provider Medical Services - APMS)

We offer General Practice services – appointments with a Doctor or a Practice nurse for general health treatment and advice.

Who is the service provided to?  

Any person who lives in the catchment area of one of our practices can register with that practice. Please ring us if you want details and to see if you can join.

Where is the service provided from?

Green Elms 
32 Crossways 
Clacton On Sea  
CO15 2NB    
Telephone Number: 01255 207660  

Click here to visit Green Elms Surgery website

Epping Close 
The Surgery 
Epping Close 
Clacton On Sea  
CO15 4UZ    
Telephone Number: 01255 222668  


Click here to visit Epping Close Surgery website


Frinton Road 
Frinton Road Medical Centre 
68 Frinton Road 
Holland On Sea  
CO15 5UW    
Telephone Number: 01255 814936

Click here to visit Frinton Road Medical Centre website

Caradoc Surgery
Station Approach
Frinton Road On Sea
CO13 9JT    
Telephone Number: 01255 850101

Click here to visit Caradoc Surgery website

When is the service provided?

We are open 5 days a week, and we hold late surgeries and weekend surgeries.

How do people access the service?

Our general practice services are available to all patients who are registered with the practice.