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Harry Walden match report Soccability : 12 April 2014

                                                                                                Essex Soccability League 12th April 2014

Clacton H4L A Squad

Neil Johnson (GK), Greg Lark (C), Tom Nicks, Ronnie Holloway, Harry Walden, Robbie Ratcliff, Luke Thomas

There was a minute's silence before kick-off in memomy of the Hillsborough Disaster 25 years ago today. The games in previous tournaments had all been 7 minutes straight, but today they were 15 minutes straight.

The tournament went pretty much just like the previous one did for Clacton. The results didn't go Clacton's way but despite the results, it was agreed that the team had put in a good effort to win, only losing by the odd goal when the games were twice as long as they had been previously. Robbie was making his debut for Clacton and played very well considering he was playing with a whole load of new faces.

Match Reports

Basildon 3-0

Basildon didnt attend this tournament and so all the other teams were automatically credited with a 3-0 victory over them.

Colchester H4L A 0-0

This result was exactly the same as in the previous tournament but Clacton were the better side, giving more attacking threat and fewer chances to Colchester.

Disability 4 Sport 1-2 Luke

Clacton opened the scoring, when Luke headed through the keeper's hands. D4S equalised from a corner kick. The winner came from D4S though, they won the ball after a breakdown in our defence and took up an easy chance to score.

Tendring Mental Health 0-1

TMH have mainly been the strongest team this season, though they didnt do quite so well in this tournament. Luke took over in goal for this game. Luke pulled off a fine performance, considering that his experience is as a goal scorer, not a goalkeeper. The goal was a fine shot by Tendring, with no keeper standing much chance.

Harry Walden