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Harry Walden H4L v Disability 4 Sport : 23 March 2014

Friendly v Disability 4 Sport 23/3/14

H4L Squad:
Peter Britton (GK)
Neil Johnson (GK)
Marc Mcleod
Johnny Ashmore (c)
Jack Martin
Greg Lark
Tom Nicks
Harry Walden
Stef Carnevale
Sam Ingram
Levi Jones
Thomas James
Fred Pennit
Jordan Ovenden
Dave Ashmore
Luke Thomas

This game was to boost the squad's 11 a-side experience, ready for next season's FA Disability Cup.
Peter and Freddy were making their 11 a-side debuts. The game was believed to be of two 45 minute
halves but when the first half ended after just 30 minutes, it was discovered that it was actually to
be of three 30 minute periods. H4L won the previous game 6-2.



In the first period H4L had the better of the chances, but the majority of the attempts were off target.
D4S threatened quite a bit and may have had more possession but also were unable to find the back
of the net. The closest H4L came to scoring was towards the end, when Luke managed to get
one-on-one with the keeper only to see his shot turned behind for a corner.

2)​2-1​​Luke, Dave

H4L entered the second period knowing that they needed to score, and soon did. Dave had a shot
which D4S blocked, only for Luke to volley in the rebound from close range. It didn't take too long
for D4S to find an equaliser though. Luke was caught offside just inside the D4S half and the player
who took the kick sent all the way towards Peter in the H4L goal who put it behind for a corner,
despite it being indirect. D4S then scored from the corner. Luke and Dave worked hard to restore
the lead. After a while Luke managed to set up Dave with only the keeper to beat. Dave had a shot
at the left corner which the keeper got a hand to, but the shot was too powerful for the keeper to
be able to make a save with his fingertips.

3)​6-1​​Luke, Dave x2, Freddy, Greg (p), Thomas

After becoming the stronger team in the second period, H4L were by far the better side in the final
period. Freddy, who was making his 11 a-side debut scored a wonder-goal, taking a shot from
mid-way in the D4S half which went into the top right corner and doubled H4L's lead. Dave then
scored after a howler by the D4S keeper. Luke had possession of the ball and was by the corner
of the penalty area. The keeper came all the way off his line to try and get the ball causing Dave
who was in the middle, to call for the ball. Luke passed it to across to him leaving Dave to be
facing a completely open goal with possession of the ball. Dave of course made the obvious
move, and extended the score line to 4-1. It was pretty much all H4L by now, and a cross made
by Greg near the left corner made contact with the arm of the next opponent. The referee pointed
to the spot, and Greg who is the H4L penalty taker, stepped up and converted the spot-kick
to the bottom left corner. H4L were now constantly attacking and Thomas scored another
spectacular goal. H4L made several more attempts but were unable to find any more goals,
mainly because the players were unable to reach the passes.

Final score:

Disability 4 Sport ​1 - 6 ​Healthy 4 Life