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Harry Walden's Match Report : 12 October 2013



Essex Soccability League - October 2013

Clacton H4L A Squad
Peter Britton
Greg Lark (c)
Ronnie Holloway
Harry Walden
Neil Johnson
Jordan Ovenden
Luke Thomas

Clacton had won the Essex Soccability League Premiership for the past two seasons, but didn't get off to a great start for this season as they missed lots of chances. The squad had changed, with Ronnie Holloway being moved up from the B team, and ex-Clacton A keeper Peter Britton coming back from retirement as Neil was no longer able to play in goal. Robbie Radcliff had also joined Clacton A and Tom Nicks were not at the tournament.

Match Reports

Basildon A     0-1

In the past Basildon have tended to be a weak side, but this time they beat Clacton. This was all down to an own goal that Greg accidently conceded whilst defending a shot from Basildon. The majority of Clacton's shots were off target.

Tendring Mental Health      0-1

Tendring have always been a very strong side, though Clacton put up a good fight and were unlucky to lose. Again the majority of Clacton's shooting was off target.

Disability 4 Sport     0-0

Colchester United Community Sports Trust went bust towards the end of last season and have now changed their team name to Disability 4 Sport. After two defeats Clacton were getting frustrated and so needed to be calmed down. They improved though and managed to get a draw after losing their first two games. Jordan had a shot on target, only to be blocked by his team mate Harry.

Colchester H4L A     2-0             Jordan x2

Clacton's rivals had done much better than Clacton, but it wasn't until Clacton's final fixture that Clacton scored any goals, with both of them coming from Jordan. Clacton dominated the game and deserved to win.