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Harry's report Soccability Basildon : 4 May 2013

Basildon Soccability League on the 4/5/13 

Clacton A Squad: Neil Johnson (GK), Greg Lark (c), Tom Nicks, Alex Seymour,Harry Walden, Jason Jenner and  Luke Thomas    

The last league tournament had taken place at Shenfield in February and Clacton came out very poor, although the area rule was on. This tournament was at Basildon, and Clacton came out top here last October. Clacton had no subs at first and Alex Seymour got injured in the first game. As a result of this Jason Jenner, Harry's support worker stepped in to fill his place on the pitch, although Tendring Mental Health also had their manager playing. Clacton came out top here once again to boost their chances of winning the Essex Soccability Premiership for a second season running.    

 Clacton A Results     Basildon A                              2-0       Luke x2  

Clacton have always had a good record against Basildon and got themselves off to a positive start in the tournament by beating them 2-0.    

Tendring Mental Health          1-0       Luke   The game against Tendring was a must win for Clacton as they were a point and 4 goals behind Tendring in the table. The Tendring keeper dived to try and get the ball off Luke but failed, allowing Luke to score a vital goal from a tight angle. Tendring actually came out 3rd in this tournament which allowed Clacton to take a 1 point lead over them instead of drawing level        

 Colchester H4L A                   1-0       Luke   2 years ago Colchester were stronger than Clacton but they have been in very poor form this season. Basildon, who have had a very poor record in previous seasons have done better than them. Colchester have been missing some of their players though. It took a while for the goal to come but Clacton won it.    

Friendly   Disability 4 Sport     1-1       Greg   In previous tournaments there has been a team called Colchester United Community Sports Trust (CUCST). However, they went bust in April and have had to change their name to Disability 4 Sport. They were unable to get the points transferred to their new name and so have now quit the league for the rest of this season but still came to the tournament, giving other teams friendlies. Clacton went behind quite early, and Disability 4 Sport were the stronger side. This was probably because Clacton weren't working as hard in this game, to save their energy for league games. Clacton won a late corner. Jason came down at the last minute, which distracted the defenders, allowing Greg to find Clacton an equaliser.