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Melissa Courtauld Shenfiled soccability : 16 February 2013

 I went to the football tournament on Saturday 16th February 2013 at Shenfield High School.

The players in the Chelmsford team were Nigel Gallifant (Goal keeper), Andrew spice, David Brudenell, Mark Ellison, Rob Sands, Alan Stratfel, Robert Gillett, and Louan Elsdon.

The scorers were Andrew Spice and David Drudenell.

We won 2 games and no score in the other 2 matches.

The players played very well and also tried their best on the day. The first match was Witham H4L v/s Chelmsford H4L. I was very pleased with the Chelmsford H4L players. We all enjoyed the day in Shenfield.