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Harry Walden Colchester Soccability : 17 November 2012

Essex Soccability League - November 2012  

Clacton H4L A Squad : Neil Johnson (GK) ,Greg Lark (c), Tom Nicks ,Harry Walden ,Alex Seymour, Jordan Ovenden  and Luke Thomas    

In the October tournament Clacton had no subs but came out top. For this tournament they had 1 sub, as Alex Seymour had recently joined the club. Clacton didn't play brilliantly scoring only 3 goals but still came out roughly second-best result wise, beating the team that won all their other games, but losing to a team that got beat. This time Tendring Mental Health, who were unable to make the last due to lack of players were attending. What was probably most strange about this tournament was that instead of throw-ins they had kick-ins.    

Match Reports      

Basildon A                      1-0       Luke   Clacton came out top against Basildon again but only managed to score once, despite the action mainly being in their half. Greg, who has very powerful shot and is skilled with long range shooting nearly added a second when a shot from his own half hit the crossbar and bounced down.      

Tendring Mental Health          1-0       Luke   Tendring were unable to make the October tournament due to an insufficient number of players. It looked like it was going to be a tough game when Clacton watched them beat Colchester H4L 3-1 but in Clacton's game it felt more like the result was going to be a draw, as it did take quite a bit of time for Luke to find the net. Clacton managed to hold on though and won. However, Tendring won all their other games.  

Colchester H4L A                   0-1   Clacton drew 1-1 in October with their rivals, but Colchester had a stronger side this time. Clacton made lots of attacks but conceded a goal to an ex-Clacton player. They tried hard to find an equaliser but were unable to break through the Colchester defence.  

Colchester Utd A                    1-1       Luke   It had been a 3-0 victory for Clacton last time round with it being all Clacton. Luke opened the scoring and it was mainly Clacton, but Colchester equalised due to some poor defending by Clacton.