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Harry Walden Basildon : 20 October 2012

Essex Soccability League - October 2012  

Clacton H4L A :- Squad Neil Johnson (GK) ,Greg Lark (c) ,Tom Nicks, Harry Walden ,Jordan Ovenden, Luke Thomas  

This tournament was 6 a-side but the goals were 9 a-side.

Clacton came out best, with 2 wins and 1 draw and all the other teams losing at least 1 game. They played really well as a team, with some great defending especially from Greg and Tom. Greg was probably man of the match, as he scored a wonder-goal and got smacked on the head with very powerful shot, blocking it and surviving it. They had no subs and so everyone played all the games, there were only 3 games in the tournament though as one had moved switched to the Championship, and another didn't attend as they didn't have enough players.

As a result of this, the Premiership teams finished a lot earlier than the others and so Clacton had a little friendly.    

Match Reports       Basildon A                  0-2     Harry, Luke  

 Basildon were the weakest team last season but did make it quite difficult for Clacton and beat another team. It took Harry a while to find the first goal, with a shot through a defender's legs into the left corner. Luke doubled Clacton's lead soon after.    

Colchester H4L A       1-1       Luke  

Clacton were probably slightly the better side in the derby, but it was a battle for both sides. Luke opened the scoring quite early and Clacton held that lead for quite some time. Colchester equalised though through a shot from long range.                  

Colchester Utd A        0-3       Jordan, Greg, Luke  

Colchester Utd have always been a strong side  and it was predicted to be quite difficult. It certainly wasn't exactly easy, but the Colchester players seemed to have a negative attitude and weren't passing much. This was the game where Greg blocked a powerful shot with his head. Jordan opened the scoring. Clacton won a free-kick outside Colchester's penalty area. It was given to Greg. Greg has an incredible scoring record for a defender and has a very powerful shot. He fired straight towards the goal, and scored as the power of the shot caused players to move out the way. In the final minute Tom put a brilliant cross into the box with only Luke and the Colchester keeper in it, and Luke headed into the top left corner.     Tendring Mental Health   Tendring were unable to attend the tournament as they had an insufficient number of players. In the Eastern Region Ability Counts League all the teams attending a tournament have automatically been given a 2-0 victory over a team that doesn't attend, but it's yet to know what will happen.    

Friendly   Colchester Utd A        1-0       Luke  

With a long time still to go until the end of the tournament but all the Premiership games, Clacton had a short friendly with Colchester Utd. Some of the Colchester H4L A team players also joined in with Clacton, as they do in the Eastern Region Ability Counts League but some had to be given to Colchester Utd as it was more players per side and they didn't have enough. Luke scored the only goal.