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Our Social Impact Plan


Social Mission

"To maximise our role as a service provider, employer, purchaser, community member, partner and investor to improve the health and well-being of the communities in which we work"

The guiding principle for ACE is our Social Mission.  We aim to achieve considerable social impact in the communities which we serve. ACE’s Social Impact Plan supports the achievement of our Social Mission.  The Plan comprises four elements, each of which are agreed with input of ACE shareholders and stakeholders: 

Element 1 - Investment through the Social Impact Fund (SIF)

The Social Impact Fund is a ring-fenced proportion of ACE’s annual surpluses which are identified to support each element of the Social Impact Plan, including investment directed to Anglian Community Trust to support community schemes.


For examples of ACT funding projects - click 'here'


Element 2 – Corporate Volunteering

ACE’s Corporate Volunteering Strategy was developed and launched in 2013/14, with the input of staff and key stakeholders such as the local community voluntary organisations and Volunteer Centres. The Strategy supports local community organisations to gain new skills and knowledge from ACE staff, at the same time as enabling ACE’s staff to develop and enhance their skills in areas such as communication, problem solving, decision making, leadership and team working in often challenging environments. 

Volunteer Days

Each shareholder member of staff can be allocated up to one day per year (7.5 hours) to volunteer with local organisations in the geographical area served by ACE.

In House Expertise

Providing in house expertise from our own staff into Voluntary or Third Sector organisations which support our social goals and using the resultant resource to back fill those staff, for example, provision of training.


Element 3 - Career opportunities for both new entrants and those returning to employment

ACE is keen to work with local educational establishments in the community to develop career opportunities for both new entrants to employment and those who are returning to employment.  This will also include supporting schools and colleges with opportunities for work experience in the organisation.

ACE also participates in a recognised ‘Return to Professional Practice’ academic programme for registered nurses returning to practice through the Nursing and Midwifery Council, this programme is designed to re-register nurses who have a lapsed registration. 

Element 4 - Doing business with local firms so we maximise the sustainability of the local economy.

ACE takes into account its objective as a social enterprise to support other local organisations where it does not detrimentally affect the quality of services provided or the cost of those services to the commissioner. 

When identifying the organisations who may be asked to submit quotations, ACE will recognise this commitment to support small or medium size enterprises within the local community.