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Our Performance

Quality Accounts

As a provider of NHS services, ACE is contractually required to produce an annual quality account based on a national framework of requirements.  The quality account is then published on the NHS Choices Website. The annual quality account gives us the opportunity to look back and reflect on the quality of our services during the previous year and to set out priorities for quality improvements.  It is written and provided to the populations we serve and is influenced by the outcomes of the Patient Experience Surveys, discussions with staff, and a review of the many indicators of quality we measure as a matter of routine.

To view the Quality Accounts select the following links:

2011/12 Quality Account
2012/13 Quality Account 
2013/14 Quality Account
2014/15 Quality Account
2015/16 Quality Account
2016/17 Quality Account
2017/18 Quality Account



ACE Annual Accounts

As required by the Companies Act 2006, ACE files its annual accounts with Companies House. To view the Annual Accounts select the following links -   


Summary Business Plan

To view ACE's Summary Business Plan, click here



Self-certifications against the G6 Licence condition (Systems for compliance with licence conditions and related obligations)

To view ACE’s self-certification against the G6 Licence condition (Systems for compliance with licence conditions and related obligations) click here


ACE Access Policy

The purpose of this policy is to outline ACE requirements and standards for managing patient access to its services. It covers booking, notice requirements, patient choice and waiting list management.  The length of time a patient waits for their treatment and the notice and choice they have when they book their treatment are indicators of the quality and efficiency of services provided by ACE. Therefore all patient access and choice issues will be dealt with systematically within the principles and spirit of this policy.

You can view the full ACE Patient Access Policy by following the link - Access Policy

Care Quality Commission - Statement of Purpose

ACE has developed a Statement of Purpose to support its registration to the Care Quality Commission.  The Statement of Purpose details the services we provide set against the various criteria in the Care Quality Commission registration documents.

Please open document to view - ACE Statement of Purpose


Mixed Sex Accommodation Compliance

Anglian Community Enterprise (ACE) is pleased to confirm compliance with the Government’s requirement to eliminate mixed-sex accommodation, except when it is in the patient’s overall best interest, or reflects their personal choice. 

Please open document for further information - Mixed Sex Accommodation Compliance