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Harry Walden Cambridge League : 22 February 2012

Eastern Region Ability Counts League – 22nd February 2012

Neil Johnson (GK), Greg Lark ,Marc McLeod, Harry Walden, Jordan Ovenden, Stef Carnevale, Mike Button, Luke Thomas  and Dave Ashmore 

Clacton had got off to no poor start for their first season in the top-flight with the first tournament not bad for a team making their debut, the second turning out even better, and this one turning out as an outstanding all round first team performance which paid back, Clacton ending the tournament unbeaten. The weather was very poor though, with high winds and rain coming midway through the tournament. To help them though, whenever Clacton came on for a game, they instantly went and defended the goal that had the wind blowing away from it.    

 Back: Mo, Greg, Stef, Luke, Neil, Jordan, Carolyn Front: Harry, Marc, Dave, Mike    

Match Reports  

Norwich         3-0       Jordan x2, Harry   The result had turned out exactly the same in November, though it was a 1-0 defeat in October. However, Norwich got off to a better start. After a few minutes though, Jordan found the net for Clacton to take the pressure off a bit. Harry doubled Clacton’s lead, and Jordan found a second to wrap up the points.

Ipswich           1-0       Dave   Ipswich’s Championship side were very weak last season, with Clacton not conceding all season and only failing to score against them once. Their Premiership side were the reigning champions though, top of the league and had beaten Clacton 1-0 in both of the previous tournaments. This looked the hardest game at the start and probably was, but it turned out as glory. The referee wasn’t great. At a point in the game when Greg was battling in with an Ipswich player in defence, the ball eventually went out of play. All the Ipswich players then went back to defend, though the ref claimed it was a corner! Clacton defended really well throughout the game with Neil making some great saves and the goal didn’t come until late on. Dave scored from a really tight angle to send everyone into delight. As soon they had the goal, Clacton went very defensive to make sure they kept the lead. Clacton would have always taken a no-score draw though, as Ipswich are such a strong side.  

Colchester      1-1       Dave   In the previous tournaments, the results had been 1-0, with Colchester getting the points in October and Clacton in November. Colchester are about the strength as Clacton, and Clacton went behind early on through a really unlucky goal. Neil so nearly saved the shot but it had already started raining so both the pitch and the ball were wet, which caused the ball to just slip through his hands. Dave still managed to find an equaliser though to grab a point.  

Watford         0-0         Clacton had got a 1-0 victory in October and a no-score draw in November, and Watford are another strong side. It was no easy game, but Clacton created some good chances and defended well to finish the tournament unbeaten.    

Peterborough did not attend the tournament, and so as a result of this all the other sides were automatically credited with a 2-0 victory. It had been the same in November and Clacton also found out that Peterborough won’t be attending any more tournaments, so it will be the same for the rest of the season.