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Harry Walden Shenfield Soccability : 26 November 2011

Harry Walden Match Reports for Essex Soccability 26th November 2011:

Essex Soccability League – November 2011  

 Clacton H4L A Squad Neil Johnson (GK) Johnny Ashmore Tom Nicks Harry Walden Jordan Ovenden Mike Button Luke Thomas  

Clacton made a terrific start to the Premiership in October, going top of the table. However, defender Greg Lark was out injured, though still came and managed the team from the touchline. Without Greg, Clacton didn’t do as well. Tom Nicks was welcomed as a new player to the team and league. Tom made a great performance for Clacton, as he had never played with any of the Clacton players.    

Match Reports    

Colchester H4L A        0-2     Neil Tom                        Johnny Mike LukeLine up:             Subs: Harry (for Mike), Jordan (for Luke)   I

In October the derby ended goalless, but was very aggressive. This time it thankfully wasn’t aggressive, though Colchester were too strong for Clacton who didn’t get many chances. They opened the scoring, then doubled their lead when Johnny was unlucky to head the ball into his own net. Harry nearly scored a consolation late on, though his shot was saved. All the players were polite to their opponents when the handshakes came at the end of the game.  

Colchester Utd A         0-2   Neil Tom                        Harry Jordan LukeLine up:           Subs: Johnny (for Tom), Mike (for Jordan)  

Clacton won 2-1 in October with Mike and Luke taking Clacton 2-0 up but Colchester getting a consolation in the final seconds through an own goal from an unlucky deflection off Harry’s leg. The only real difference in this game to the game against Colchester H4L though, was that Clacton didn’t score any of Colchester’s goals. Colchester dominated the game, and Clacton never really looked like scoring.    

Colchester Utd B          4-0       Luke x3, Mike   Neil Tom                        Johnny Mike LukeLine up:           Subs: Harry, Jordan (for Tom)  

In October Colchester went ahead when Neil put an early corner into his own net. Luke and Mike came on as subs though with Luke taking Clacton 2-1 up, Mike making it 3-1, the final score 3-2. However Clacton dominated this game throughout and made amends for the 2-0 defeats. Luke scored twice, Mike found a third, then Luke scored again for his hat-trick and Clacton’s fourth.                        

Basildon A                   2-1       Mike, Luke   Neil Tom                        Johnny Harry JordanLine up:           Subs: Luke (for Jordan), Mike (for Harry)  

In October Clacton dominated the game and won, with Mike scoring the only goal. However, although Clacton played better than they did against the Colchester H4L and Utd A teams, they didn’t dominate this game and fell behind. Luke and Mike came on and did exactly what they did against Colchester Utd B last month. Mike put Clacton back on level terms and Luke found a match winner.    

Tendring Mental           1-1       Luke Health   Neil Johnny                   Jordan Mike LukeLine up:           Subs: Tom (for Jordan), Harry (for Johnny)  

The final score was the same in October, Johnny opening the scoring in an evenly balanced game but Tendring finding an equaliser. This time however Tendring were stronger than Clacton, opening the scoring but Luke equalising for Clacton.