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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD)

The COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) Team strives to improve the quality of life for patients with COPD through the delivery of evidenced based quality care and education.  The team offers support to patients with COPD throughout the NHS North East Essex area.

What do we do?

  • We receive referrals from a range of health care professionals and provide patients with a known diagnosis of COPD with a comprehensive assessment, either at our clinic or at home. Here we establish a treatment and support plan and make management suggestions to key health-care workers (always including the GP and Lung Nurse/Practice Nurse at the surgery)
  • We run an Early Supported Discharge Service for COPD. This means when patients are admitted to the hospital with COPD related problems, the COPD In-Reach team gets involved in order to provide support and monitoring during and after discharge.
  • We provide a rapid response service for COPD as part of our admission avoidance service and can see patients on the day of referral.
  • Thereafter, we provide all our patients and their families with support and operate an 'open door policy' for all existing patients. Patients can ring us and discuss issues over the phone or request home visits.
  • We work closely with staff in primary care such as GPs, practice nurses and district nurses.  We also have a strong link with the COPD Specialist Nurse Linda Leech at Colchester Hospital and meet with one of the respiratory consultants weekly.  Our aim is to develop and maintain good working relationships to enable seamless pathways for our patients.
  • We utilise a comprehensive multi-disciplinary team to address all aspects of care.
  • We provide both physical and emotional support to patients and their carers. 
  • We provide both patients and health care professionals with information leaflets
  • We support the yearly "WORLD COPD DAY" by organising events that help raising awareness of this condition. See the World COPD Day website for details about this year's events.
  • We run a Home Oxygen Assessment Service.
  • We run community Pulmonary Rehab classes throughout North East Essex.
  • We provide guidance & support to healthcare professional, through telephone advice or though guidance on our website (please link to information for health care professionals)
  • We provide education to health-care professionals.  



Where is the service provided from?
The service covers the catchment area of NHS North East Essex. Most of our work is done in patients' homes.


When is the service provided?
0900-1700 (Mon-Fri)

How do I access the service?
New referrals are accepted from hospital medical staff, nurses and GPs.  Once patients are known to the COPD service, we operate an 'open door policy', which means patients can contact the COPD Team directly with any queries during office hours.


To refer a patient, click the icon below to access the Community Gateway.

COPD Information for Healthcare Professionals

Educational Websites:
COPD EDUCATION (COPD Information website for patients & Healthcare Professionals)

Respiratory Data website (compare your locality!):
INHALE Website (Data Repository) 

Key Guidelines:
NICE COPD Guidelines Oct 2010
An Outcome Strategy for COPD & Asthma (DH, 2011)
NEEMMC COPD Medicine Management Guidelines (NEECCG)
Spirometry Best Practice Guidance (PCC, 2013)
NICE Quality Standards for COPD (NICE, 2011)
What is Pulmonary Rehabilitation

COPD Information for patients & carers:
BLF & Breathe Easy Support Groups

Patient Information Leaflets (for printing):

Calming Techniques Download

Using a handheld fan Download

Looking after your lungs in hot and cold weather Download

Managing breathlessness Download

COPD sputum clearance Download

Managing day to day activities Download

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Download