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Lower Urinary Tract Sympton Clinics (Prostate)

Clinics provide assessment and conservative (non-surgical) treatment for bladder and prostate related problems in men such as urgency and/or frequency of passing urine, getting up at night, urge incontinence, weak flow, hesitancy and dribbling. The service is backed by local hospital urology consultants who give advice and to whom we refer for opinion/surgery as appropriate. Clinics also provide teaching intermittent self-catheterisation for men with chronic retention of urine and provision of trial without catheter for patients discharged home with indwelling catheters.

Who is your service provided for? 
All male adults living in North East Essex, or served by a GP in NE Essex, who have bladder and/or prostate problems and can get to a clinic.


How do you access the service?  
Referrals via GPs.

To refer a patient, click on the icon below to access the Community Gateway.