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Minor Injuries

The Minor Injuries Unit is a nurse-led service. Minor Injuries Units are an often quicker alternative to Accident and Emergency for patients with less serious or minor injuries, often referred to as the walking wounded. For example:

Minor dislocations
Suspected Fractures
Removal of foreign bodies
Burns and scalds
Bites and stings

When you attend the MIU you will be booked in by a receptionist and your information entered onto a computer system. We may be able to see information from your hospital and GP records and will share details of your attendance with your GP and with children’s services for patients under 16 years of age. You should be asked if you give your consent for this to happen and there is further information available should you need it.

You will then be assessed by a Nurse Practitioner. Nurse Practitioners have completed specialist training and have advanced skills in the treatment of Minor Injuries; they are able to order and interpret X-rays, and prescribe treatments

Treatments, e.g. dressings, plasters may be carried out by one of the Health Care Assistants under the direction of the Nurse Practitioner

Who is your service provided for?

The MIUs can see any patient with a minor injury.

Nurse Practitioners are not able to arrange X-rays for children under 2 years old. It is likely that a child under 2 requiring an x-ray will be referred to A&E but can be assessed in MIU first.

The MIUs are also able to treat some minor illness and patients requiring emergency contraception, however it is generally more appropriate to visit your own GP if you have an illness rather than an injury.

Nurse Practitioners are not able to prescribe for repeat prescriptions of your usual medication. If you need your medication while you are visiting the area you may be able to get it from a pharmacist as a private arrangement.

If you are a visitor you should be able to register with a local GP as a temporary patient.

If you need to see a GP out of normal working hours the Out of Hours GP service can be contacted on 0845 602 5215

If you have toothache or need to see a dentist in an emergency the MIU is not able to treat you for this. Please call 0845 602 5238

The nearest A&E department is in Colchester. If you have an emergency that needs urgent or immediate treatment you should go to A&E. This includes:

Chest Pain
Abdominal Pain
Severe Pain
Active Uncontrolled Bleeding
Acute Shortness of Breath / Asthma
Severe Injury

Where is your service provided from?

Clacton and District Hospital
Tower Road
CO15 1LH
01255 201594

When is you service provided?

The MIU at Clacton is open 9am – 9pm every day including weekends and public holidays X-ray is available at the MIU 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and 10am-4pm at weekends and public holidays

Medical Centre (Harwich)
419 Main Road
CO12 4EX
01255 201201

The MIU at Fryatt Hospital Harwich open 7 days a week 9am to 5pm.

How can you access the service?

Clacton MIU is a walk-in service, you do not need to be referred or to make an appointment