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Speech & Language Therapy


A Speech and Language Therapist can help you to: 

  •  Improve your social skills
  •  Learn basic rules for communicating such as eye contact and turn taking  
  •  Eat and drink safely
  •  Understand and use signs, symbols and speech


A Speech and Language Therapist can also:

  •   Assess your communication needs and work with you to improve this as much as possible
  •   Teach carers new communication skills.
  •  Talk to people involved in your life.  


A Speech and Language Therapist will see you:  

On your own or in a group.   

Our Speech and Language Therapy Departments are based at:

910 The Crescent
Colchester Business Park
CO4 9YQ 

Telephone: 01206 745445

Spinks Lane Therapy Centre
Spinks Lane